Simit Sarayi has executed agreements to open new stores in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Recently signing an agreement to operate in Slovenia, Simit Sarayi opened its first store. Attracting great interest in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, Simit Sarayi signed a new agreement with the purpose of growing in this country. Operating in 4 continents; Europe, USA, Asia and Europe, Simit Sarayi is growing in the countries where it operates and continues to open new stores in new countries as well. Executing agreements to open 50 stores in total in Algeria, Simit Sarayi will make its delicacies popular in North Africa with the opening of 30 stores in Tunisia and Morocco. Simit Sarayi Board Chairman Abdullah Kavukcu has signed an agreement with Réda Bourouag, CEO of SPA Groupe Bourouag Construction to open up Simit Sarayi stores in Morocco and Tunisia in addition to Algeria. The agreement, which is executed for the opening of 80 stores in 5 years, includes 3 countries. Réda Bourouag, CEO of SPA Groupe Bourouag Construction stated that the great interest by several countries of the world in Simit Sarayi is an opportunity for investment and the growth within the last 5 years is remarkable. Bourouag said: “In the cities known as finance, shopping and cultural centers of the world, we see Simit Sarayi stores on the trendiest streets. It is very exciting to bring these flavors and brand concept to North Africa.” In 2017, Simit Sarayı opened 8 stores in Serbia and began to fluctuate its flag in the Balkans and its brand new address is Slovenia. According to the agreement to initiate the operations in Slovenia in the last days of 2018, branch openings are expected to start in Slovenia in March. An agreement was also executed with the Al-Faris Group, which operates in the service sector, primarily tourism, in the region. Al-Faris CEO and Company Partner Adnan Supuk stated that the first Simit Saray, branch opened in Slovenia in April and underlined he has decided that the great attraction which Simit Sarayi has received is an opportunity for investment in many countries of the world and its growth has been remarkable for the last two years. Supuk said; “The delicious products and joyful atmosphere of Simit Sarayi branches in Istanbul, London and Berlin led me decide to be an investor.” Opening its first store in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq at the end of 2017, Simit Sarayi aims to grow in the country this year. The new address of the Simit Sarayi, attracting a great deal of attention from its branch in Baghdad, will be Erbil this time. Simit Sarayi Board Chairman Abdullah Kavukcu has signed an agreement with Figaro Group General Manager Hicra Tutuncu for new investments. Within the scope of this agreement, the first branch will be opened in Erbil Family Mall. Evaluating the investments in new countries, Simit Sarayi Board Chairman Abdullah Kavukcu stated that the interests shown in stores in different countries, especially in the United Kingdom, is regarded as an opportunity for investors and said: "we are selective in deciding on the master franchise and partnership offerings from different countries.” Kavukcu expressed: “We have completed 2018 as a positive year for our brand beyond our target. In the last two years, we have added new rings to our chain by entering into the markets of 8 new countries like Dubai, Serbia, Jordan, Lebanon, Slovenia, Bahrain and Algeria and Iraq. Sometimes we, as a company, continue to grow with our master franchise partners.” Kavukcu said that they are planning to see the Simit Sarayi, which is currently ranked in the top 10 in the world, within the first 5 within a short time.