Simit Sarayı is in Adana

SİMİT SARAYI STORES, WHICH STARTED TO PROVIDE SERVICE IN M1 ADANA AND PARK ADANA MALLS GOT FULL MARKS FROM ADANA RESIDENTS Simit Sarayı, rapidly growing in Turkey and worldwide upon attracting a great deal of attention with the friendship in its dough, offers Adana residents enjoyable times in a spacious and decent atmosphere. Adana M1 and Park Adana Mall Simit Sarayı offer rich alternatives to their customers including the products such as omelet varieties, spicy Turkish omelet, egg with deep fried meat, simit burger, simit pizza, Turkish type ravioli, meatball and several macaronis. With its open and closed spaces, warm atmosphere and rich menus, Simit Sarayı invites all Adana residents to have an enjoyable time.