Simit Sarayı, Now in Ankara 7th Street

Simit Sarayı, which offers our traditional taste with its high quality understanding and wide range of product, is developing rapidly in the capital. Bahçeli 7th Street Simit Sarayı, which offers a pleased space for its guests both in summer and winter months with its indoor and outdoor areas, started to welcome its taste seekers. The menu of the store offers a rich variety of options such as scrambled egg with fried meat, omelette and breakfast plate for breakfast. For guests who want to enjoy different tastes during the day having fun, there are options such as grilled meatballs, salad varieties, Turkish type ravioli, penne pasta with tomato sauce, simit burger. The store continues to offer its usual flavours for those who love the Simit Sarayı classics. On the menu, there are whole-wheat oatmeal cookies, gluten-free bagels, hazelnut chocolate cookies, çokoçörek, crispy rose pasty, crescent roll, mango frozen, latte cake and tiramisu and ice cream varieties.