Get Your Day Off to A Good Start in the Simit Sarayı in Ankara Avenue

Simit Sarayı welcomes a total of 1 million people in domestic stores and the stores abroad every day with its delicious flavours and continues to grow in Ankara. Simit Sarayı that has been opened in Ankara Avenue, began welcoming its guests. The Simit Sarayı Store in Ankara YDA Park Avenue offers a total of 468 square meters of indoor and outdoor space to its guests. On the menu of the Simit Sarayı, which began welcoming its guests in YDA Park Avenue, which is one of the areas drawing intensive attention, there is a variety of flavours appropriate for breakfast and every hour of the day. The Simit Sarayı, which offers a wide variety for breakfast such as breakfast dish, omelettes, Turkish style scrambled eggs, scrambled egg with diced lamb, scrambled eggs with garlic sausages, serves filling flavours such as grilled meatballs, pasta and Turkish type ravioli during the day. The menu also includes very rich alternatives such as cake, cookies and ice cream.