Simit Sarayı, which continues to grow rapidly both domestically and abroad, has opened store in Denizkule with its new concept, which in the first in Turkey. The store offers different delicious products and enjoyable time for Denizbank employees. Simit Sarayı, which became a world brand with 408 stores in 21 countries, opened store at DenizKule where Denizbank General Directorate is located. Simit Sarayı, which has reached different customer segments by locating its stores in shopping malls, airports, public institutions, stadiums, community buildings areas and retail streets, has become a stamping ground in DenizKule for the visitors since the first day. The opening was realized by Abdullah Kavukcu, Chairman of Executive Board of Simit Sarayı, and Hakan Ateş, Director General of Denizbank. Chairman of Executive Board of Simit Sarayı, Abdullah Kavukcu, said, "We would like to thank Director General of Denizbank, Hakan Ateş, and all the Denizbank family members who believed that a world brand would come out of Turkey and believed in us for the employment we have provided in all our investments since the beginning". Stating that the store in DenizKule will offer delicious alternatives and a comfortable socializing environment for its bank employees with its new concept which is the first in Turkey, Kavukcu expressed; “We will continue our investments with our different concept in Turkey and in 21 countries of the world. Until the end of this year, we plan to open 100 stores abroad, 75 stores in Turkey. "We will add new links to our chain in the world in a short period of time with different concepts," said Kavukcu, who indicated that they would get into the Lebanese and Iraq markets this month and into the Serbian market opening 7 stores. "We are delighted with the opening of Simit Sarayı under the same roof with our bank," said Director General of Denizbank, Hakan Ateş, who stated that their long-standing business partnerships with Simit Sarayı have been based on solid foundations. Simit Sarayı, one of the core values ​​of our country, is a world brand that works like an export base that brings together almost 1 million people every day with freshest flavours on a global scale, aiming to introduce and taste traditional flavours to all of Turkey and then to the world. We are pleased to offer privileged opportunities to our employees who want to start the day well and who are looking for different tastes during the day. We also appreciate the Simit Sarayı's commitment to sustainable contribution to the human and community life beyond the ever-increasing success rate and profitability that add value to the Turkish economy. I am deeply convinced that today this valuable institution, which represents our country successfully in international arena, will continue its successful activities with its experience and background knowledge on a global scale. I wish good luck with the Simit Sarayı's new store in DenizKule." Abdullah Kavukcu and Hakan Ateş visited the factory of Simit Sarayı in Sancaktepe, in the opening day of the store, the world's first and only flexible Simit band manufacturing plant. During the visit, Deputy Director General of Denizbank Management Services and Director General of Investment Group, Tanju Kaya and Executive Board Member of Denizbank, Timur Kozintsev and Simit Sarayı Executive Board Member, Hasan Arat attended.