A Brand-new Taste by Simit Sarayi: CHIA BAGEL

A world brand Simit Sarayi continues to produce new products without compromising the traditional quality, freshness and taste. Being a very nutritious food in terms of the protein, fiber and fats, Chia Seed is the main ingredient of Chia Simit, presented by Simit Sarayi to the tastes of its fans. Simit Sarayi is offering a brand-new taste for those who try to keep fit yet are not willing to give up on the traditional. Known as a very nutritious food in terms of protein, fiber and fat, Chia seed is the main ingredient of Chia Simit, which gets full credit from the visitors who are taking well care of their diets. Thanks to the fibers and omega-3 fatty acids that it contains, the chia seed is one of the first ingredients coming to the mind when it comes to healthy diet. Easy to digest, chia seed is offered as the most important alternative for vegans. Containing the minerals that body needs like Manganese and phosphorus, the chia seed helps to regulate the blood pressure. Fit deliciousness With its other alternatives like Multigrain Simit, Gluten-free Simit, Bread and Muffin, Whole Wheat Sandwich, tarhana chips, salad alternatives and herbal tea, Simit Sarayi also offers new tastes for those who take care of the form without staying hungry.