Istanbul Şehir Unıversıty Branch Opened

ISTANBUL ŞEHİR UNIVERSITY BRANCH OPENED Simit Sarayı, starting business at university campuses, now serves at Istanbul Şehir University It is time to take a break from busy days, classes, midterm, final exams and project periods at Simit Sarayı. Offering warm, fresh, practical and delicious food for students and academics at any time, Simit Sarayı attracted a great deal of attention from the very first day it opened. In its menu, Simit Sarayı, always offering various tastes from pastries to hot meals and fast-food, has a selection of rich tastes such as savory buns, pogachas, simits (Turkish bagel), boreks, çörek pastries, cookies, wraps, meatballs, pizzas, pastas, burgers and salads.