Simit Sarayı Antalya Kepez Store was Opened

The newest store of Simit Sarayı, the favourite place of the taste enthusiasts, was opened in Kepez, one of the favourite districts of Antalya Simit Sarayı, which hosts the taste enthusiasts throughout the day and offers products one more delicious than the other with prices affordable for everyone put its new store into service at Antalya Kepez. The menu of Antalya Kepez Simit Sarayı store includes the tastes suitable for any time of the day such as breakfast varieties, simit, pie, cookie, sandwich and cake varieties, hot and cold beverages as well as Simit Burger, Simit Pizza, Turkish type ravioli, meatball, and macaroni. With its open and closed spaces, warm atmosphere and rich menu, Antalya Kepez Simit Sarayı invites all Antalya residents to have an enjoyable time.