Simit Sarayı Opened Its Erzurum Mng Mall Store

SİMİT SARAYI OPENED ITS ERZURUM MNG MALL STORE Favorite of taste lovers, Simit Sarayı is now in Erzurum Offering pleasant times for those who wish to give a tasty break to shopping, Simit Sarayı opened its first store in Erzurum at the MNG Mall. Always inviting its guests to a feast of taste accompanied by the sweet smell of simit, Simit Sarayı offers pleasant times with its spacious indoor and outdoor areas of 390 square meters and its menu offers excellent simits, pastries, buns, croissants, muffins, cookies, breakfast food, wrappings, cake assortments, ice cream, milkshake, frappe, sandwiches, toasts, juices and hot beverages for its taste lover guests.