Simit Sarayı’s Khamıs Avenue Branch Has Opened

SİMİT SARAYI’S KHAMIS AVENUE BRANCH HAS OPENED With its branches opened in Dubai, Jordan and Lebanon in 2017, Simit Sarayı is showing an ambitious rise in the Middle East market. Continuing to grow rapidly both in national and international markets, Simit Sarayı added another branch to its chain in Saudi Arabia. Opened its new branch on Khamis Avenue in Saudi Arabia, Simit Sarayı is waiting for its guests with its rich menu and spacious atmosphere. The menu includes delicious tastes such as varieties of breakfast, simits (Turkish bagels), boreks, cookies, sandwiches, cakes, varieties of ice cream, hot and cold beverages as well as mantı, meatballs, salads and pasta. Simit Sarayı will continue to grow in existing markets in 2018 and offer its tastes to new markets as well. Simit Sarayı employs a total of 11 thousand 250 people in the countries where it operates.