Simit Sarayı Opened Nişantaşı Unıversıty Branch

SİMİT SARAYI OPENED NİŞANTAŞI UNIVERSITY BRANCH A small break from the class at Simit Sarayı With an area of 261 m2 at Nişantaşı University, Simit Sarayı gingers up the campus life at all hours with its spacious indoor and outdoor area in elegant style. While offering rather practical and delightful snacks for students at all hours during the day, it also offers for lunch a variety of food all of which are quite tasty and filling. In its menu, it offers simits (Turkish bagel), croissants, a variety of boreks, Simit Burger, Simit Pizza, a variety of cakes, pastas, meatballs, and hot and cold beverages.