Simit Sarayı is Now In Jordan

Simit Sarayı, which spreads delicacies to the 4 continents of the world, said hello to the Jordanians by opening the first store in Amman, the capital of Jordan Continuing investments without slowing down; the growing world brand Simit Sarayı has added a ring again to the chain of flavours in the countries of the four continents. The Simit Sarayı Store, which received a great deal of attention the day that it opened in Amman, the capital of Jordan, received full marks from its guests. Simit Sarayı, which hosts its guests in Amman Galeria Mall, does not spread its delicacies to the world and it also becomes a stopping point for those who want to have a pleasant time at the same time. Abdullah Kavukçu, Chairman of the Executive Board of Simit Sarayı, indicated that Simit Sarayı's tastes have become indispensable in Middle East. Kavukçu said, "As Simit Sarayı; today, we are proud of being delighted our tastes to every culture and every geography of the world. Kavukçu, who indicated that Simit Sarayı has exported products with high value added, said: "We will be entering new markets soon. Our investments will continue in our existing markets. We will open 100 stores in abroad, 75 stores in domestic until end of this year.