Vialand Visitors Liked Simit Sarayı

Simit Sarayı, growing rapidly at home, opened its third store in Vialand, one of the most developed theme, shopping and life centers of Istanbul. Simit Sarayı, offering fast, nutritious meal alternatives and a warm chat environment with its products all delicious from each other to those who want to keep pace with the day, continues to grow with the new store it opened in Vialand. With its total 260 square meters of indoor and outdoor spaces, Simit Sarayı meets its lovers with a new taste stop in Vialand. The menu of Simit Sarayı store in Vialand, located at Eyüp, Istanbul, includes filling simit and breakfast options as well as Simit Burger, Simit Pizza, tomato and lentil soup, Turkish type ravioli, meatball, macaroni, rib steak, fajita, mini éclair, çokoçörek, gluten-free simit, gluten-free bread, ice cream, energizing pastry, cookie, croissant, sandwich and cake varieties, tea, espresso, cappuccino, homemade lemonade and fresh orange juice.