All Eyes on Simit Sarayı in the SUMMIT

With its investments and growth rate, Simit Sarayı leaves its marks on Uludağ Economy Summit, aka “Davos of Turkey”. Leading names of the business world got together at the Uludağ Economy Summit, 7th of which was organized by Capital and Ekonomist Magazines this year. During the summit, Turkey's economy and international opportunities were discussed in detail. Speaking at the session titled "The Future of Global Opportunities", Simit Sarayı Chairman Abdullah Kavukcu stated that the domestic and foreign investments have increased rapidly and said: “After deciding to grow up on the global scene from 2012, we aim to take place in the top 3 within a few years in the field “bakery” as the world calls it.” Expressing that they were seeing a chain with 85 stores in London, Kavukcu said: "In case of an agreement, we will turn all of them into Simit Sarayı at once." Abdullah Kavukcu continued, "We are opening stores in the best spots of the world. When we started this work, they suggested that we change the name; Simit Sarayı. It was not foreseen that we could grow up with this name in the world. But we were determined and soon we let the entire world hear our brand. Our productions continue in the Simit Sarayı factories in Istanbul and London. We offer our delicacies in 22 countries with the same standard and with the same taste. " Speaking to representatives of business world and entrepreneurs, Kavukcu said, "We Turks can do anything, any business in the world if we get together.” Making the opening speech of the Uludağ Economy Summit, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek visited the stand of Simit Sarayı in the lounge area. The stand of the Zirvede Simit Palace in the lounge area and the delicious products of each other were attracted by the participants. In the summit, all eyes were on the Simit Sarayı stand in the Lounge area and participants enjoyed the delicious offerings by Simit Sarayı.