SİMİT SARAYI CONTINUES ITS INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS THE FIRST SİMİT SARAYI BRANCH IN IRAQ OPENED IN BAGHDAT... With its branches opened in Dubai, Jordan and Lebanon in 2017, Simit Sarayı is showing an ambitious rise in the Middle East market. Opening a branch in Serbia as well this year, Simit Sarayı aims to grow in many countries of the world. Continuing its both national and international investments without slowing down, Simit Sarayı opened its first store in Iraq in the capital Baghdad. Iraqi guests visited Simit Sarayı on the first day it opened and gave their thumbs up. Simit Sarayı, one of the world's most important brands exported by Turkey with its investments in four continents, continues to invest in the Middle East. Welcoming more than one million guests daily in 22 countries around the world with 11,250 employees, Simit Sarayı opened the first branch in Baghdad Mall in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. The people of Baghdad showed a great deal of interest in Simit Sarayı. During the opening day, guests visited Simit Sarayı and tasted the flavors on the menu. Getting full note from the Iraqi, Simit Sarayı plans to increase the number of branches in this country in a short time in 2018. Simit Sarayı, the "Global Taste of Turkey", entered the Dubai, Serbia, Jordan and Lebanon markets this year and it continues its overseas investments without slowing down. Offering its guests both delicious tastes and the opportunity to have a pleasant time, Simit Sarayı will continue to grow in existing markets in 2018 and offer its tastes to new markets as well. Simit Sarayı employs a total of 11 thousand 250 people in the countries where it operates.