Simit Sarayı, in a harmony of rapid growth strategy in the Middle East, where there is high demand for Turkish brands, has opened its first store in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, within the scope of an agreement it made for 15 stores with the Lebanese ICOT Group. Freshly before entering the Lebanon market, Simit Sarayı, which is quite well known by the Lebanese who visit Turkey, is offering service at its 426 stores in 22 countries. Simit Sarayı, which has opened its first store in Lebanon at the City Mall in Beirut, the capital city, will continue sharing their tasty products. Having attracted a great deal of attention by guests on the very first day it opened in Beirut, the store has been built based on the design and application totally by Simit Sarayı’s architecture team. The store, fascinating the guests with their store concept, not only offers a taste, but also an opportunity to spend pleasant moments. Simit Sarayı will be opening 3 new stores in Lebanon by the end of the year. Abdullah Kavukçu, the CEO of Simit Sarayı has remarked that the tastes of Simit Sarayı have become essential in 4 continents as the Middle East, Europe, America and Africa. Kavukçu also stated “Today, Simit Sarayı is attracting a great deal of attention in all parts and in every culture around the world.” Expressing that the great deal of attention the brand has attracted since the very first day they opened in Lebanon is gratifying, Kavukçu also added “We will enter new markets at short notice. We will be opening our 3 new stores in Lebanon by the end of this year. Our investments will continue at the current markets.” ICOT Group, established in Lebanon and grown rapidly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in a short time, has been active in many sectors, especially in beverages, food and textile. The group, intending to break its own brands into the global market, is continuing to grow by targeting to hold the other leading global brands in the Lebanese market. Simit Sarayı, serves at the large squares of the most known cities of the 22 countries such as England, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia and Saudi Arabia.