Sibel Yücel, CFO of Simit Sarayı, was Ranked Among The Most Effective 50 CFOs

Sibel Yücel, CFO of Simit Sarayı, entered the list of “Most Effective 50 CFOs” perepared in cooperation by Fortune Turkey and its strategic partner Data Expert The list of Most Effective 50 CFOs of Turkey, prepared to point out the importance of CFOs, was published. In the list which was prepared for the second time this year, Sibel Yücel, the CFO of Simit Sarayı that succeeded being a brand introducing and popularizing traditional tastes throughout the world at its 15th anniversary, also took place. In the list, where financial performances and personal efficiencies of 1000 biggest companies of Turkey are evaluated, CFOs and their performances in financial and political uncertainty environments came to the forefront differently from the last year. Sibel Yücel, the CFO of Simit Sarayı, which rapidly continues to open stores at home and abroad with the vision of becoming a world brand, ensured the internal segment-based financial reporting infrastructure to be built and at the same time, successfully realized the consolidation of financial processes abroad in Turkey and the implementation of SAP. Yücel, who played an active role in making the necessary preparations throughout the Turquality process, particularly regarding strategic planning steps, completed the works done for transition from brand support program to Turquality program. Sibel Yücel, who has the targets of entering into new markets and improving exportation processes, ensured set up of store, product and project based profitability infrastructures. “Most Effective 50 CFOs” will receive their awards at an event organized by Fortune Turkey and its strategic partner Data Expert on May 11.