The use and process of the information obtained by us with regards to you and your requested services upon your visit to this website and upon your use of our services offered by us via this website are subject to the terms stated in this "Internet Confidentiality Agreement." By visiting this website and requesting to use the services that we offer via this website, you become a party to this agreement and accept its terms. As long as this agreement is in effect it will be binding on the parties. You must examine this agreement to which you are a party and must have knowledge about its terms and conditions.

Your sharing of your personal data is based on voluntariness. If you do not share your personal data that we need then it will not be possible for us to provide you with your requested products or your desired services.

Types of Information Collected by Us and the Way It Is Collected

Simit Sarayı only collects the information provided by you. This information is the basic information that includes your name, surname, address, and e-mail address, as well as your Facebook and Google user name. Your personal information is collected so that we can quickly get back to you and inform you of new products and campaigns when you subscribe to any of our websites or connect to our applications.

Sharing of Personal Information

Your obtained personal information will be able to be shared with Simit Sarayı and its group companies in accordance with the confidentiality agreement so that your requested products or desired services can be offered. The institutions stated as the Simit Sarayı group companies are Simit Sarayı's affiliates, subsidiaries, enterprises, and the third parties that it works together. These third parties are the companies that we work together to provide you with a better service, and these include the companies with which we prepare promotions, offers, and contests; the suppliers from whom we get help to meet your requests in a better way and to eliminate technical problems; and the agencies from which we receive consultancy services to support and improve our marketing and advertising efforts. In order for the said activities to be carried out, your information will only be shared as long as Simit Sarayı has the permission. As per the confidentiality policy and data protection, the institutions which will use this information will only be able to reach your information for the mentioned activity.

As long as you give us your permission, Simit Sarayı or the institutions we work together will send you e-mails about new products, purchasing offers, discount vouchers, special news in which we think you may be interested, the developments that tells about us and that we will be happy to share with you, as well as other special offers.

Your approval is required for all of these procedures to be carried out. You always have the right to take back the approval you grant with this agreement. You can take back your approval by sending an e-mail to our related e-mail address to state that you take back your approval.

If you change your mind about giving your approval for our company to process and use your personal data you can also cancel your membership.

In situations being obliged by law and requiring a legal procedure, Simit Sarayı has the right to use or reveal your personal information in order to maintain the integrity of www.simitsarayi.com, meet your requests in the best way possible, and provide correct information in the investigations carried out to protect the public safety. However your information will not be shared with any third party except for the situations stated in this agreement.

Accuracy of Your Personal Information

By becoming a user, you undertake that the information that you give is correct and valid and that you will inform us of any change occurred in this information.

If a damage or loss of a right arises due to incorrect and invalid information you, as the user, will be responsible. In these kinds of situations, it will not be possible for you to make any claims from our company.


You possess the right to check and change all the information that you offered to Simit Sarayı. If you want to change the information available in our database or if there is a change you want to make in your contact details, you can contact us using the addresses stated at the bottom of the page.

If you want the personal information that we obtained from you to be deleted or if you want to stop your information from being used, you can contact us to express your request and smoothly carry out the cancellation procedure. It will be enough that you fill out the request form to carry out this procedure.

Likewise, if you fill out the request form to have the information that we obtained from your children under your supervision deleted or stopped from being used, this will speed up the cancellation process.

Upon your request, you can get information about our data protection policies and procedures.


We use cookies to improve your experience when using our website. Most browsers are set to automatically hide the cookies, however, this can be manually changed. By accepting to become a party to this agreement, you also accept that you approve the cookies. If you do not want the cookies to be used, it will be enough to change it from settings. However, as cookies play a supporting role on the website, the deleted cookies may prevent the website from working properly and thus may prevent you from getting a fast and quality service.

Other Websites

On our website there may be links which will direct you to pages that are not managed by Simit Sarayı. If you visit any of these websites, you must consider the confidentiality policies of the website to which you are directed. Simit Sarayı is not responsible for the standards and company principles of other websites.

Usage of Social Links

Our website or singular pages use the social links of Facebook.com owned by Facebook Inc. When you want to open a page including a social link, your browser directly connects to Facebook servers and send a notification to Facebook regarding your entry to our website. If you sign up for your Facebook account, Facebook matches the notified data to your account. When you use the link's functions “like”, “comment”, the related data is sent to Facebook via your browser. Please check the Facebook Confidentiality settings regarding Facebook's use and process of the obtained data. If you do not want Facebook to collect information about you by using our website, log out from your Facebook account before visiting our website.

Rights of the Persons Whose Personal Data Is Processed

Persons whose personal data is processed under this agreement have the right to learn whether their personal data is processed or not; to receive the related information if their data is processed; to know the purpose of data processing and to learn whether these are used in accordance with their purpose; to know about the third parties to whom the data is transferred at home or abroad; to ask for the data to be corrected/deleted if they have missing or mistaken parts; to raise an objection for a personal negative result to occur through an exclusive analyze of the processed data using automatic systems; and to ask for the indemnification of losses if he/she suffers from damages due to a data processing in violation of the relevant legislation. Change in the Confidentially Policy at Simit Sarayı, we can make changes in our confidentiality policy in certain periods as long as it is required. Simit Sarayı reserves the power to update the confidentiality policy and recommends its users to visit this page whenever they enter the website or use the mobile application. We indicate the changes on this page in order to inform you of any change in the best way possible. Our changes do not cover the past activities as we assume that you periodically check this page. By visiting this website, you are deemed to have accepted all kinds of arrangements and changes to be made in the "Internet Confidentiality Agreement."


You can use the following contact details to reach us for any queries regarding the confidentiality agreement.

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E-mail: info@simitsarayi.com

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