Simit Sarayı Opened Emaar Square Store

Simit Sarayı, growing rapidly in domestic and abroad with the great attention it attracts got full marks from Istanbul residents one more time with its store opened at Emaar Square, the newest shopping and life center of Istanbul. Simit Sarayı, offering fast, nutritious meal alternatives and a warm chat environment with its products all delicious from each other to those who want the keep pace with the day, continues growing with the new store it opened at Emaar Square. The menu of Simit Sarayı store at Emaar Square located at Üsküdar, Istanbul includes satisfying simit and breakfast options as well as the tastes suitable for each hour of the day such as Simit Burger, Simit Pizza, Turkish type ravioli, meatball, macaroni, rib steak and fajita and pie, cookie, croissant, sandwich and cakes, the products saving the busy days and energizing you and hot and cold beverages.