Simit Sarayı is in Alaçatı

Simit Sarayı started to entertain its guests by opening a new flavour point in Alaçatı which is favourite beaten track for domestic and foreign tourists in spring and summer mouths. Simit Sarayı Alaçatı Store, which continues to grow rapidly in Turkey and in the world with friendship in its dough and on great interest, is offering its guests the opportunity to have a pleasant time in a spacious and decent environment with 60 square metres interior and 145 square metres exterior. The store, which bewitched the guests with its design of Simit Sarayı Architectural team, attracted intensive attention in opening day. In the menu of Alaçatı Simit Sarayı, there are breakfast options consisting of special mixed breakfast, Simit Sarayı Hot Breakfast, halloumi pan, sausage pan, fried egg with garlic sausages on simit, watermelon-cheese and simit. In the menu of Alaçatı Simit Sarayı, which offers its guests flavour at all hours of the day and night, also includes excellent tastes appeal both eye and mouth such as Simit Burger Barbeque, Simit Cheeseburger, Simit Pizza varieties, wrap, Turkish type ravioli, meat. The store offers its guests special cake varieties for Simit Sarayı, ice-cream which is created real salep irreplaceable in the summer months, hot and cold drinks. With its indoor and outdoor areas, spacious atmosphere and rich menu, Simit Sarayı invites all its guests to have a pleasant time.