Bursa Residents Liked Simit Sarayı

Simit Sarayı, which continues to spread the friendship in its dough and is rapidly growing abroad, opened stores in Bursa, at Hasanağa and Nilüfer Simit Sarayı, which continues to rapidly grow in domestic and abroad, hosting foodie Bursa residents at each hour of the day with the new stores it opened in Hasanağa and FSM Plaza at Nilüfer. Both stores, with their 300 square meters of spacious atmosphere, not only offer taste but also provide enjoyable times. Beside the irreplaceable Simit Sarayı tastes such as breakfast, simit, pie, cookie, sandwich, croissant, muffin, cake, pastry and breads there are also delicious alternatives appealing to the eye and taste buds which are prepared with very fresh ingredients such as Simit Burger, Turkish type ravioli, macaroni and grilled meatballs in the menus.