Simit Sarayı Garnıshıng Saudı Arabıa Wıth Its Tastes

SİMİT SARAYI GARNISHING SAUDI ARABIA WITH ITS TASTES Simit Sarayı, extending their savors worldwide and offering a pleasant time to spend has opened its 35th shop in Makan Shopping Mall, Hafar Al Batin, Saudi Arabia. Besides offering tastes in 4 continents, Simit Sarayı has been appreciated by their guests with cakes and pastries special for Saudi Arabia. Besides appropriate products ready at all hours, Simit Sarayı is also preferred with its packed products such as chocolates and Turkish delights. Simit Sarayı, where it locates its shops in shopping malls, gas stations, campuses, streets, plazas, universities, public enterprises, stadiums and fairgrounds will continue growing in Saudi Arabia.